Pay it Forward

People at FINNTE feel fortunate to work for a company that not only supports their growth and development, but also encourages them to “pay forward” their happiness and success. To that end, each employee is awarded up to two paid days off each year to volunteer at an organization of their choice. In addition, every year FINNTE designates a service month where employees are free to arrange group or individual initiatives for issues they feel passionate about, like walking shelter dogs or passing out groceries at local food pantries

Work-Life Balance and Employee Development

FINNTE recognizes how important it is to keep work and life in balance, and it strives to help employees achieve that through a variety of work-life programs. They include flexible work arrangements, because FINNTE understands that supporting diverse work styles and scheduling needs can be an important factor in the satisfaction and productivity of its teams. FINNTE also partners with Bright Horizons, a leading back-up care provider, for center-based child, home-based child, and adult back-up care. 

The FINNTE and Exchanges

FINNTE`s Exchanges is an internal forum designed to help drive collaboration and innovation across the organization. Employees are invited to post their ideas on the Exchange—usually guided by a specific question or “challenge” that centers on a business or corporate culture issue. The forum allows for discussion, debate, and collaboration on these ideas, followed by an opportunity for employees to evaluate and vote on the proposed solutions. 


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